iScreen OFD Cotinine Saliva Test Kit


If you're in need of a cotinine test kit for zero tolerance policies or for use in your law enforcement agency, you'll love the iScreen OFD Saliva Cotinine Test Kit.

This oral drug screen detects cotinine levels (the main metabolite in nicotine) down to 30 ng/ml and can detect nicotine use for up to 2 day post consumption. With a long detection window and low cutoff level, this nicotine swab test comes with an unbeatable price.

Easy to interpret results populate within minutes, saving you time and often costly fees for laboratory testing. This nicotine test kit can be administered in any location, eliminating the need for private screening measures.

When you need an accurate cost-effective nicotine drug test, try the iScreen OFD Saliva Cotinine Test Kit.

For forensic use only.

What is cotinine?

Cotinine is the main metabolite of nicotine and is used as a biomarker for exposure to tobacco - both through first and secondhand smoke.

How long after smoking cigarettes can this test detect the presence of cotinine?

This i Screen drug test can detect nicotine use for up to 2 days afterwards.

How long does it take for the results of this nicotine swab test?

The iScreen Cotinine Test Kit provides results in as little as 10 minutes.

Does this cotinine test device need special storage?

No, our cotinine tests can be safely stored at room temperature for approximately 12-18 months before use. (For exact expiration dates, please contact our customer service team.)

iScreen Cotinine Test Device Instructions for Use:

Prior to test collection, instruct the donor to not place anything in their mouth for a minimum of 10 minutes before. This includes food or drink, gum & tobacco products.

1: Remove the oral swab from the sealed pouch, then remove the sample collector protector cap from the end of the collection device.
2: Ask the donor to insert the collector sponge into their mouth and actively swab the inside of the mouth and tongue with the saliva swab.
3: Instruct the donor to gently press the swab between the tongue and teeth to ensure complete saturation. The swab can be considered saturated once no hard spots can be felt. Saliva should be collected for approximately 3 minutes before removing test from the donor's mouth.
4: Once sufficient sample has been collected, gently insert the saliva swab into the cap 3 times. Align the arrow on the device with either of the marks on the test cap then insert vertically into the cap and reach down firmly until the lid reaches the threads. Twist the test clockwise 180 degrees to tight the lid, until the arrow aligns with the second marking on the lid.
5: Place the test device horizontally on a clean, flat surface, with the test panels facing upwards. This will initiate the testing procedure and if performed correctly, you will notice a pinkish migration as the sample flows and the test strips begin to run. Read test results at 10 minutes. Please note: Do not read cotinine test results after 1 hour as results may no longer be valid.

How to Read iScreen Cotinine Swab Test Results:

Negative cotinine screening results will show two lines - one line in the control region and one line in the test region. Please note: Even a faint line indicates a negative test result.
Positive cotinine screening results will only have one line in the control region and no lines in the test region.
Invalid cotinine test results will have no line in the control region. If an invalid test result is obtained, please discard the device and repeat with a new swab.

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Great little test for discovering if someone has been smoking

Great little test for discovering if someone has been smoking. I recommend it. Its easy to use and you just toss it out when youre done.

Gregory Johnson

For insurance purposes

For insurance purposes, we have to test patients prior to surgery to see if theyve been smoking when theyve been told not to. This is a great test for doing this because its easy to use and not particularly invasive. Most patients dont mind doing the test.

Carmen Koleckzi

This product makes my job easier

This product makes my job easier, I can collect sample in almost any given situation plus the result is fast and accurate. I am working in a health clinic.

Drug Name Abbreviation Saliva Detection Time Saliva Cut-Off Level
Amphetamines AMP 1-3 Days 50 ng/ml
Cocaine COC 1-3 Days 20 ng/ml
Cotinine COT 1-2 Days 30 ng/ml
Marijuana THC 6-12 Hours 12 ng/ml
Methamphetamines mAMP 1-3 Days 50 ng/ml
Opiates OPI 2-5 Days 40 ng/ml
Phencyclidine PCP 1-3 Days 10 ng/ml
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