9 Panel iCup Urine Drug Testing Cup with Adulteration


iCup 9 Panel Drug Test Instructions for Use:

1: Remove the test device from sealed foil pouch.
2: Remove the iCup test lid and ask the donor to provide their urine specimen, ensuring to fill cup beyond the minimum fill line but below the maximum fill line.
3: After the specimen has been collected, the collection official should securely seal the lid onto the cup and place the device on a clean, flat surface.
4: Remove the label on the adulteration strip and verify the strip against the color chart provided, verifying no adulteration has occurred. Adulteration strip should be read at 3-5 minutes. If adulteration has occurred, discard the cup without reading the drug test results and repeat steps 1-3, instructing the donor to recollect their sample with a new testing device.
5: Peel back the label on the drug testing panels and read the results at 5 minutes. Please note: Results read after 10 minutes should be considered invalid.

Reading the iCup Drug Test Results:

  • Negative iCup drug test results will have two lines - one line in the control region and one line in the test region. Please note: Even the faintest line indicates a negative test result.
  • Presumptive positive iCup results will have only one line in the control region.
  • Invalid iCup drug test results will show no line in the control region. If this occurs, please discard the current device and repeat the test again with a new iCup. If this continues to happen, please stop using and contact TestCountry for assistance.

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    David M.
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    sometimes some of the lines are not strong enough to be able to see or copy results. Thanks.

    Drug Name Abbreviation Urine Detection Time Urine Cut-Off Level
    Amphetamines AMP 2-4 Days 1000 ng/mL
    Barbiturates BAR 4-7 Days 300 ng/mL
    Benzodiazepines BZO 3-7 Days 300 ng/mL
    Buprenorphine BUP 1-3 Days 10 ng/mL
    Cocaine COC 2-4 Days 300 ng/mL
    Ecstasy MDMA 1-3 Days 500 ng/mL
    Marijuana THC 2-30 Days 50 ng/mL
    Methadone MTD 3-5 Days 300 ng/mL
    Methamphetamine mAMP 3-5 Days 1000 ng/mL
    Morphine MOR 2-4 Days 2000 ng/mL
    Opiates OPI 2-4 Days 300 ng/mL
    Oxycodone OXY 2-4 Days 100 ng/mL
    Phencyclidine PCP 7-14 Days 25 ng/mL
    Propoxyphene PPX 1-2 Days 300 ng/mL

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