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TestCountry's Channel Partnership Program

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Reel in qualified leads

Attract users with intent to buy

Become an influencer in your industry

Cultivate organic opportunities

Deliver 17 years of industry experience

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A word from our partners

“As a high school sports coordinator, I make sure that our athletes are not only excellent in their chosen fields, but also healthy and free from any performance-enhancing drugs. This test helps us keep our athletes steroid free. It should be what other sports coordinators and coaches in the U.S. should be thinking about.”


With the right marketing tools and PPC research, TestCountry can boost your search engine rank and show you how to find clients to grow your business.


Want to broadcast a relevant topic? TestCountry will help you develop valuable content if your goal is acquiring new customers.


Over 17 years, TestCountry has built a Rolodex of contacts to connect you with other experts. This is one of the best ways to promote your business.


TestCountry is proudly involved in supporting the missions of countless charitable organizations and tax-free initiatives (and you could be, too).

We have many hands on deck.

Our channel partners belong to every industry (and there’s no commitment fee):

Behavioral Health and Treatment Centers

Staffers, Recruiters, and Human Resources

Workplace and Safety Management

Law Enforcement and Security

Manufacturers and Distributors

Transportation and Logistics

and many more.

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