Can’t decide which urine drug test to select? You’ve come to the right place.


Price (Per Case) Starting at $96.25
Starting at $123.75
Max. # of Panels 12 13
Adulterants Creatinine (CR) / Oxidants(OX) /
pH / Specific Gravity(SG)
Creatinine (CR) / Glutaraldehyde (GL) /
Nitrites (NI) / Oxidants (OX) / pH /
Specific Gravity (SG)
Certifications CLIA Waived
FDA 510(k) Cleared
CE Marked
FDA 510(k) Cleared
CE Marked
Industry Use Clinical, Behavioral Health
(applicable for
reimbursement), Staffing
Staffing, Recruiting, Workplace
(use for pre-employment screening)
Detection Period 1-30 days 1-30 days
Min. Order Quantity 1 Case (25 Cups/Case) 1 Case (25 Cups/Case)
Customization Custom 14 Panel Option
Bulk Pricing (orders over 1000)
Custom 14 Panel Option
Bulk Pricing (orders over 1000)


Test Up to 12 Drugs (including Alcohol, Fentanyl, K2)

3-13 Panel Options

Double-Sided Flat Panel for Photocopying

Single-Sided Flat Panel for Photocopying




99% Accurate 99% Accurate
Optional Specimen Validity and Temperature Stripes Optional Specimen Validity and Temperature Strips
Results in Minutes Results in Minutes
Can Test Up to 12 Drugs at Once Can Test Up to 13 Drugs at Once
Test Up to 3 Adulterants at Once & Detects Synthetic Drugs including Alcohol, Fentanyl, and K2 Spice Test For Up To 6 Different Adulterants at Once


Alcohol (ALC)
Amphetamines (AMP)
Barbiturates (BAR)
Buprenorphine (BUP)
Benzodiazepines (BZO)
Cocaine (COC)
Fentanyl (FEN)
Synthetic Marijuana (K2/JWH-018)
Methamphetamines (mAMP)
Molly/Ecstasy (MDMA)
Morphine (MOR)
Methadone (MTD)
Opiates (OPI)
Oxycodone (OXY)
Phencyclidine (PCP)
Propoxyphene (PPX)
TricyclicAntidepressants (TCA)


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DrugConfirm™ Advanced Flat Panel Cup and iCup offer a modern twist to traditional urine screening. Either will provide instant evidence-based results. Recordkeeping is a breeze with both. Value for drugs tested is unmatched. When you can save time and money, there’s no need to keep guessing.