List of Drug Abuse Organizations

Community organizations are important for fostering a sense of belonging for people, especially now since technology has made our daily lives move at a faster rate and has made it more common for people to become detached from one another and live more isolated lives.

These organizations help bring social interaction into people's lives, offering camaraderie and acting as a support system for people and allowing them to create meaningful relationships with people who share similar interests, who fight for similar causes and who share similar goals.

Belonging to a community of people helps to combat feelings loneliness and depression that can occur when a person becomes isolated from other people. It also helps to combat increased violence, substance abuse and mental illness by giving people something constructive to do with their spare time and giving them positive goals to work toward with like-minded people. In a world where detachment from one another is continually becoming the norm, this can lead to the breakdown in community that people used to have within their own neighborhoods.

These organizations span all kinds of activities and causes, from local neighborhood groups to global environmental causes to groups dedicated to eradicating diseases, they offer people an outlet for their energy, creativity, and positivity.

Strong communities benefit the individual people that belong to them and the world as a whole and these community organizations are a great way to enhance a person's social circle. Regardless of age, people who feel a sense of belonging tend to lead happier, healthier lives and strong communities create a stabler and more supportive society.

According to the research study "Encouraging Participation: The Role of Community-Based Organizations", prepared by Community Matters, the study identified the following benefits to individuals and the wider communities that these organizations serve:

  • they improve mental and physical wellbeing
  • they reduce social isolation
  • they enable people to find out what's going on
  • they develop people's confidence to try something new
  • they provide affordable space for people to meet
  • they bring diverse groups together including different ethnicities and age groups
  • they build community knowledge
  • they help to communicate local people's views to a broader audience

Clearly, the importance of the role of community organizations cannot be overstated.

Please find here a list of organizations that help to facilitate this sense of community among people with a focus on eradicating drug and alcohol dependency. If this is something that is important to you, you may find it an enriching experience to join one of these groups.