Georgia Drug Testing Laws

Covered Employers

  • All private employers
  • State government employers
  • Public schools (including school transportation services)

Applicant Testing

  • Authorized testing: state government, public school, and private employment
  • Refusal to get tested or positive result may bar an applicant from state & public school employment for 2 years

Employee Testing

  • Authorized testing: random, reasonable suspicion, fitness-for-duty exam, post-injury on the job, follow-up after rehab
  • The policy should be distributed and posted
  • Testing provides discounts & benefits under workers’ comp. law
  • Random testing of high-risk state government, public school employees, and school bus drivers (under separate provisions)

Conditions & Methods

  • Confidential test results
  • Confirming test in case of a positive result
  • Privacy in specimen collection, the method of collection, storage, and transportation