Can’t decide which saliva drug test is the right fit for your organization? Take a look:


Price (Per Case) Starting at $156.25
Starting at $268.75
Max. # of Panels 14 6
Saliva Collection Indicator Yes No
Certifications FDA 510(k) Cleared
Industry Use Staffing, Recruiting, Workplace, Education, Insurance, Corrections Staffing, Recruiting, Workplace
Detection Cut-Off Levels 5 - 300 ng/mL 10 - 50 ng/mL
Min. Order Quantity 1 Case (25 Swabs/Case) 1 Case (25 Swabs/Case)
Customization Synthetic Drug Panels Available Bulk Pricing (orders over 1000)


Test 5-14 Different Drugs

Test 6 Drugs of Abuse

Color Indicator for Adequate Saliva Collection

FDA 510(k) Cleared




Results in Minutes Results in Minutes
Can Detect Synthetic Drugs (Alcohol, Fentanyl, and K2/Spice) No Bathroom Required
No Bathroom Required


“Instead of waiting for days to learn of the results, this test offers them in minutes! We can immediately process the results, discuss options with the company's policy makers and make appropriate actions.”
“It's a comprehensive, accurate test that offers best value for our money. So far, feedback about the use of this test has been good. Our HR managers find the test highly reliable.”


SalivaConfirm Premium and Oratect are ideal solutions for HR professionals tasked with implementing pre-employment and/or on-the-spot drug testing. Saliva drug tests are accurate, sanitary, affordable, and revolutionary, no matter which brand you select.