High-Tech Industry Workplace Drug Testing

High-Tech Industry Drug Testing:

In America's dynamic high-tech industry, employees regularly shift large quantities of information, data and money with the simple click of a mouse. Accuracy is critical, and the smallest of mistakes can have far-reaching consequences.
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Employees impaired due to abuse of alcohol or other drugs are a danger to companies determined to succeed in today's electronic world, where a fast pace of growth and unstructured schedules may allow problems to go undetected and become serious threats to employee health and company profits. By making the country's high-tech workplaces free of alcohol and other drugs, employers help ensure that America maintains its status as a leader in the worldwide technology revolution.

Drug Abuse By Industry - HIGH TECH


Current Illicit Drug Use (%)

Current Heavy Alcohol Use (%)

Computer Programmers/Operators



Computer and Data Processors



Source: US Department of Labor

The good news is that more and more high-tech employers, ranging from long-time industry giants to small start-ups, are implementing drug-free workplace programs to ensure safe workplaces and productive workforces — company features that ultimately result in increased profitability and success. 

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