Synthetic Cocaine Information

Synthetic cocaine is a dangerous and growing trend. Combating the cocaine problem is difficult for authorities because this drug is similar to plain cocaine. Some facts about synthetic cocaine:

Synthetic cocaine is known by different names. It is often called "ivory", "charge" or "bath salts". These are different names given to the various substitutes to the real cocaine. Each brings about various elements of hype to the user.

Synthetic Cocaine Side Effects

Synthetic cocaine looks exactly the same as regular cocaine. The synthetic and regular versions look the same but the former is more dangerous than the latter. People under the influence of synthetic cocaine feel like they are on top of the world immediately after ingesting the drug. As soon as the high subsides, users develop cravings for more. Other side effects include:

  • Extreme Energy
  • Euphoria
  • Agitation
  • Hallucinations
  • Chest Pain
  • Cardiovascular Collapse

Is Synthetic Cocaine Legal?

Like other designer drugs, synthetic cocaine is not legal in the United States. Law enforcement officers throughout the country are unsure how to combat the problem. In Tennessee alone, Southaven and Memphis Police Departments use different approaches to handling synthetic cocaine. The former says they are putting a stop on the proliferation of these drug substitutes but the latter says that synthetic cocaine is not a major problem in the place. While this is the case, the state as a whole, together with Arkansas and Mississippi have already passed laws in 2010 declaring a total ban against synthetic cocaine.

Synthetic Cocaine Production and Distribution

Drug traffickers of synthetic cocaine might advertise the drug as bath salts. Experts are warning the public about the sale of synthetic cocaine as bath salts. Makers have labeled their pot with bath salts or plant feeder, but the truth is it contains synthetic cocaine. Although the makers posted a warning that it is not for human consumption, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has received reports that teenagers were inhaling it.

Why Do People Use Synthetic Drugs?

Synthetic cocaine is appealing to people because of its cheap cost. Sold at a price of under $50, these "bath salts" have been bought by young people. Also, the fake drug is easily accessible through convenience stores as well as gas stations and even through the Internet. Since some appear as bath salts, young ones think that synthetic cocaine is legal.

Do Alere Drug Screens Detect Bath Salts?

Synthetic cocaine abuse may not show up on standard instant immunoassays or traditional cocaine drug tests. However, TestCountry offers several different drug tests for bath salts including Bath Salts Laboratory Drug Tests Kits and Bath Salt Urine Drug Test Dip Cards