Employment Background Screening for Small to Medium Enterprises

Existing literatures have shown that workplace crimes and violence is commonplace in many small and medium enterprises due to lack of proper safeguards, such as improved security procedures, surveillance cameras, drug testing and pre-employment background check. Businesses that do not defend themselves against crimes committed by employees and outsiders are more likely to become targets of criminal activities like theft, payroll fraud, overstated expense reports, and more.

Becoming more attentive about your recruitment policy by including criminal background check and drug screening procedures can go a long way in maintaining a safe and productive workplace. Unfortunately, not a lot of small and medium enterprises are fully aware of the risks and liabilities of bad hires. So, to help you know more about employment background check for small and medium-size businesses, TestCountry has put together a white paper called "All You Need to Know About Employment Background Screening for Small to Medium Enterprises."

The white paper contains a wealth of information about the importance of performing employee background screening and why you should include it in your company policy, too. Some of the other topics discussed in the white paper are:

  • The Benefits of Employee Background Checks
  • The Employer's Obligations in Background Checks
  • Things to Look for in a Background Check
  • How to Select Vendors to do Background Check
  • The Laws Governing Employee Background Checks

Preventive measures as simple as drug testing and employee identification by means of background screening play a significant role in minimizing loss to your company. Safeguarding your business with a sound hiring policy will cost less than the cost to remedy crime committed against a business.

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