Propofol A Common Addiction In Medical Profession

Propofol, the drug which killed Michael Jackson, is one of the most commonly abused drugs among medical professionals and as a result it could be seeing classification as a controlled substance. Sold under the name Diprivan the drug is a commonly used sedative in hospitals. Used predominantly for simpler procedures such as knee surgery, bone repair and colonoscopies the drug is valued for being quick acting and leaving the system rapidly. The drug is also known for its strong sedative qualities, making a short period of rest feel like a full night’s rest. Along with these other factors it also doesn’t really affect the user and leaves the system far too quickly to show up on a drug test, making it very hard to detect. The drug offers those who abuse it a feeling of full rest and as the drug begins to wear off a brief but intense high.

The drug is commonly left unguarded and can even be found with items like bandages and other first aid items at some hospitals. Stress levels and the lack of sleep play a part in several forms of drug abuse among health care workers and like drugs like OxyContin addiction to Propofol has been a problem for many years. One of the largest risks with this type of drug is the risk of having respiratory failure and it takes very little to run the risk of being overdosed. The FDA has been asked to consider the drug for the controlled substances list and its thought that a decision will be reached soon on the matter.