All You Need to Know About Private School Drug Testing

Alcohol is the top substance most frequently abused by adolescents, closely followed by marijuana and tobacco. The latest statistics indicate that in the past month, about 39% of high school seniors claimed drinking alcohol. About 23% used marijuana and some 16% reported to have smoked cigarettes.

The most recent survey conducted by Monitoring the Future with 8th, 10th and 12th graders in U.S. schools indicated a decrease in the use of alcohol, tobacco (cigarettes) and prescription pain relievers. There is no spike in the use of Marijuana but there was a decrease in the use of synthetic drugs such as bath salts, and inhalants. These triumphs are not of real consequence as the decreases are quite minute. There also seem to be a condescending attitude that marijuana, alcohol and e-cigarettes present no real harm to the user.

Based on statistics presented, drug testing is necessary test to deter the use of harmful and illegal substances of high school students.

Percentage of Usage Among High School Students 2013

Grade Level Alcohol (%) Cigarette (%) Illicit Drug (%)
8th 10.2 4.5 8.5
10th 25.7 9.1 19.4
12th 39.2 16.3 25.5

  • In 1993, 26% were using marijuana while 72% thought it was high risk to take marijuana.

  • In 2003, 34.9% were using marijuana whereas 55% saw risks in using marijuana.

  • In 2013, 36.4% were into marijuana and only about 39% saw great risks in using it.

These figures indicate that popular media’s role in extolling the virtues of marijuana has rubbed off the impressionable high school students. Random drug testing must be implemented in high schools.

Why Do Drug Testing in Private High Schools?

The education industry is not free of alcohol and illicit substance users/abusers. The latest statistics indicate that the educational services has 4.7% of its workforce involved in heavy alcohol use in the past month and 4.8% are involved in the use of illicit drug in the past month. This findings show that pre employment drug testing, background screening and periodic urine test to detect possible drugs intake among teachers and school staff are necessary.

High school students are inquisitive and experimental that is why a significant numbers of them, not only in the United States but all over the world, try alcohol and other illicit drugs. Aside from proper guidance and the correct information regarding the dangers of drug use, drug testing in the school is a must.

What Drug Test to Use?

Instant urine drug test is the best option for drug testing high school students as there are plenty of spaces to facilitate this type of test. A multi-drug test panel is a good choice but cheating on the urine sample is likelihood so it is best to choose drug tests with adulterant detection. Available are single panel urine drug testing for marijuana and PCP. Instant drug testing dip cards are available for testing the presence of up to 12 illicit substances including alcohol.

A quick, easy way to detect drug is through a saliva drug test kit. This method accurately detects up to 6 drugs. Since drug and alcohol residues do not remain in the saliva for long, a saliva drug test is the better choice in detecting current use. This particular drug test is a good choice for random drug and alcohol testing.

For pre employment drug test, the best option is a routine 10-panel urine drug test and background screening. These will ensure that an incoming teacher or school staff is clean. Periodic drug testing is also recommended and in this case, a hair drug test to show possible drug use in the past 90 days is a good choice.

These drug test kits are preliminary tests. Positive results of any drug test would have to be verified in an accredited laboratory.

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