Custodian Drug Test Information

Janitorial services are hired independently or included as part of a company or business structure which is normally under the Maintenance Department. It is designated to enter into businesses before or after regular office hours.1

They are entrusted with keys (that is why background screening is needed) to access the entire business or office including restricted areas such as Manager’s office or Office of the President where important and confidential materials of the company are being kept.

They also have access to stock rooms, personnel locker rooms and the accounting office where salary of the employees are stored2.

Importance of Pre-employment Drug Screening in Corporate Janitorial Services

Pre-employment testing of an employee for drug use is crucial for corporate janitorial service providers. Regardless of size and the industry it belongs to, its organization can be directly affected by an employee’s substance use, theft, fraud and other crimes including violence.

A company should therefore take the necessary steps to know first who they are employing in their company by performing drug test and background checks. Their mission is to find the best qualified people; talented enough to help them in achieving their business goals with the challenges of their industry. Pre-employment drug test is the first step of the process.

In the occasion that an employee is already hired prior to the test, the employer can still perform workplace drug testing or random drug testing anytime2.

Is There Instant Drug Testing Kits That Is Ready To Use?

Instant drug test are very much available these days. Its purpose is to detect the use of prohibited drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, adulterants, drug and alcohol or other synthetic drugs like synthetic marijuana, bath salts, and having the result in an instant.

Instant drug test kits can be purchase over the counter or can be ordered online. These kits are easy to use and come in different forms as:

 Instant Urine Drug Test Kits - Urine drug testing kits is one of the most popular drug testing packages for pre-employment or random drug testing (especially for those in the janitorial services) in detecting recent drug intake of an individual. The process starts with collecting the specimen sample or urine using urine drug test cups/sterile urine collection Cup/Urine collection cup.

Included in the urine drug test kits are:

  • integrated test cups
  • instant drug testing cassettes
  • instant drug testing dip cards
  • instant drug testing dip strips

 Instant Saliva Test Kits  Saliva drug test is also gaining popularity for home, schools and office use for pre-employment and random drug testing requirements, as it can provide instant and accurate result like the urine test. This time the process is by swabbing residue inside the mouth particularly off the tongue, cheek walls and saliva.

 Instant Hair Test Kits  Hair drug test is the most reliable process to establish long-term drug use of an individual up to 90 days period and is therefore ideal for pre-employment drug screening for corporate janitorial services.

This method is most commonly used by forensic experts for crime related incidents involving drugs.

The process starts by cutting a small sample of hair off the scalp then evaluating the amount of drug chemicals inside the hair strand.

Knowing the employee’s background will help the employer to its decision in the hiring process and determine all employees with bad records and history that will be most likely involve itself in using prohibited illicit drugs inside the company’s workplace during their respective working hours.

If you are concerned about your company’s welfare, your working environment and wanting to have a workplace drug test; find an affiliate nearest you or ask Testcountry for details and how they can help.


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