Hospitality Industry Workplace Drug Testing

Hospitality Industry Drug Testing:

A Federal government survey revealed that the hospitality industry, which includes hotel/motel companies, eating and drinking places and those companies related to them and their operations, experiences some of the highest rates of alcohol and drug abuse. 

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Industry employees who abuse alcohol and other drugs threaten their company's profitability in addition to their own safety, as well as that of their co-workers and their guests.

Drug Abust Statistics

Among employees in the hotel/motel sector: 

- 9.3 percent admit to using illicit drugs during the past month 
- 17 percent admit to using illicit drugs during the past year.

Among employees at eating and drinking establishments

- More than 16 percent admit to using illicit drugs during the past month.
- 28 percent admit to using illicit drugs during the past year. 

Source: US Department of Labor

Drug Abuse By Industry - HOSPITALITY


Current Illicit Drug Use (%)

Current Heavy Alcohol Use (%)




Food Preparers



Grounds Keepers












From large multinational corporations to small locally owned hotels, motels and restaurants, hospitality industry employers across the country are implementing drug-free workplace programs to ensure productive workforces and safe workplaces - company features that ultimately result in increased profitability and success.

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