Federal Government Drug Testing

Workers that take drugs and alcohol are putting their lives and those around them in danger. As workers, we have responsibilities to perform while making sure that we act and promote a safe workplace for everyone.

On this page, you will find links to information about different US government agencies and their drug and alcohol testing programs. Each agency has a unique workplace drug testing program to ensure that both the workplace and workers are safe and healthy at all times.

Department of Defense Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

The Department of Defense (DOD) is responsible for our national security and does everything to ensure that everyone who is under the agency upholds their rightful duties. One of the policies of DOD is a drug- and alcohol-free workplace, and they strictly follow this through their drug and alcohol testing program.

The Department of Defense wants to make sure that everyone in the country continues to enjoy their freedom while making sure that everyone who is serving the country remains healthy both physically and mentally.

Department of Energy Substance Abuse Program

The Department of Energy (DOE) performs safety-sensitive functions for our country. To ensure that everyone performs their duties at their best, the agency follows a substance abuse program for its employees. The DOE categorizes employees according to their duties and those who perform crucial functions for the agency must always be alcohol- and drug-free.

The DOE follows guidelines on when to perform tests, how to properly conduct tests, what are considered prohibited substances and the consequence of violating the program. The program also covers educating employees about the hazards of prohibited substances.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy of the FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) follows the DOT drug and alcohol testing policy to make sure that all workers and employers under FMCSA perform their rightful duties to help eliminate road accidents in the country. The agency requires all employers operating under them to perform drug and alcohol testing on all drivers of commercial vehicles.

The FMCSA-DOT drug and alcohol testing policy provides information about the importance of working in a drug-free workplace and living a healthy lifestyle.

Federal Aviation Administration Substance Abuse Testing Program

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to ensure that all operations, employees, and customers are safe at all times. One of their policies is to follow a drug and alcohol testing program set by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Drug abuse and alcohol use can cause harm to oneself and to others. The FAA drug and alcohol testing program ensures that all employees are aware of the substances harmful effects and how they can put the lives of others in danger.

Federal Transit Administration Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

The Federal Transit Administration or FTA is an important agency that makes sure that all our roads are safe at all times. In order to do this, FTA promotes an alcohol and drug-free work environment. The agency is dedicated to testing their employees for prohibited drugs and alcohol use, at the same time educating them of the overall harm that they can cause to our environment.

FTA aims to eliminate road accidents and they want to start with everyone who is working under them.

PHMSA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is responsible for moving hazardous materials through pipelines and other means of transportation. The agency mission is to ensure that all employees under PHMSA perform their duties properly and put the safety of everyone and communities first.

PHMSA follows the DOT drug and alcohol testing program to make sure that all employees handling safety-sensitive work perform at their best. The PHMSA drug and alcohol testing program educates, tests, and provides solutions to guarantee a drug-free environment.

United States Coast Guard Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is responsible for the safety of all passengers and cargo in the U.S. waterways. The agency mission is to ensure that all marine personnel is capable of performing their assigned duties without being a threat to others and their work environment.

USCG follows the DOT drug and alcohol testing guidelines to ensure that all marine personnel are always healthy and helps promote a drug-free work environment at all times. The guidelines include educating, testing, and the proper reprimand to those caught violating the program.

NASA Drug-Free Workplace Program

The National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) performs crucial experiments to discover the unknown for humankind’s own advancement. Employees are assigned critical tasks that need their full attention at all times. That is why the agency is strict in implementing their drug-free workplace program.

NASA follows a drug and alcohol testing program to ensure that their work is always safe and that all employees have the capacity to perform their dedicated tasks. NASA program consists of testing, educating, and helping those who are found to be suffering from substance abuse.

Responsibilities of People Working in Government

Anyone in the state government organizations is required to act or behave accordingly when dealing with different people, constituents, businesses, and members of other public offices under the same state. Officials of the state and federal government, elected public servants or officials, and local community leaders should do the same as they swore an oath under the code of conduct when they assumed their public office.

They must not commit anything fraudulent, bribery or leak confidential information in any way and this time; the stakes are higher that may compromise public and national security.

The state government should undertake all that is necessary to make sure that the best interest of the people and its governance are preserved. Background test and instant drug testing or laboratory drug testing are required and should be thorough in any personnel of the State Government Organizations.

Drug Testing Methods Applicable to State Government Organizations

Drug testing is mandated by the government for its people. It is a law and therefore, in few and very simple words, all drug test processes must be performed to all of its employees in compliance with the existing state and federal law of the United States. Extensive and thorough background testing is also almost automatic for the internal affairs of the US government.

Depending with the State and Federal law as to when drug test will be performed and what programs are in place for all government personnel, instant drug test methods being performed by state government organizations include the following:

These methods are certified by the government to be accurate. Results can be obtained instantly with the use of drug testing kits to target drug users in all branches of the government.

Commonly abused drugs in the US mainland are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs such as painkillers and anxiety pills. These prohibited drugs are known to actually impair a person’s mental capacity to decide, as well as to be punctual, efficient and responsible.

State government organizations prefer these methods for pre-employment drug testing, random drug screening, periodic drug test or drug testing by reasonable suspicion, drug test for crime-related incidents and many more.