Fitness Trainer Drug Testing

The fitness industry is thriving! According to the most recent survey (2014), there are now over 32,000 fitness centers and over almost 53 million members at health and fitness centers in the United States1. The number of members does not include those without membership who frequent the gym. The boom in the fitness industry created jobs for fitness trainers and coaches. According to the 2012 Department of Labor statistics there were 267,000 fitness trainers across the United States.

Majority of fitness centers do not require pre-employment testing. The rational is that almost all fitness trainers and coaches do take supplements that might indicate false-positive results in drug testing. A recent independent scientific study in Australia indicated that exercising before a drug test naturally increases the THC level in the blood as metabolite of this substance is stored in fat cells for up to six months3. Nevertheless, the right drug test may be done to rule out these concerns.

Fitness trainers and coaches deal with the public. Their job is to manage a person’s physical training to make him fit. Any fitness center will not tolerate a fitness trainer who uses illicit substance or abuses alcohol as his work will be greatly affected, even endangering clients. There were instances wherein people with shady background were hired as trainers mainly because of their buff physique. This practice is not conducive as there is no way to find out if a fitness trainer is a recently released felon or not4. In connection, pre-employment screening that includes drug testing and background checks are necessary. Random drug testing and periodic drug testing should be done too.

What Drug Tests

There are different drug testing kits available. Of course one can always opt for a urine drug test done in a reputable laboratory but this method is not only time-consuming but expensive as well.

Urine drug test kits are great options. They are easy and quick to do, affordable and accurate. This test can detect the presence of 2 up to 10 drugs (depending on the test panel) taken 3 to 4 days after the drug was taken. A 5-panel instant urine drug test cup detects methamphetamine (MET), amphetamine (AMP), benzodiazepine (BZO) and cocaine (COC).

Saliva test provides quick, accurate, affordable and tamper-proof method for drug testing. This method is best for random drug testing and on-the-spot drug testing as drug metabolites do not stay long in the saliva. Instant saliva drug test kits for 6 drugs are available for hassle-free drug testing in fitness centers. The drugs that can be detected are: methamphetamines, marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, cocaine and phencyclidine. This test is best if an employee is currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the job. Instant alcohol testing kits such as digital alcohol detectors and breath analyzers are available.

Hair drug test kits are so reliable that they are used by law enforcers. This method is easy, quick, affordable and accurate that even a trace amount of drugs will show in the test after 90 days. This specific test is highly recommended as a pre-employment drug test as it will provide a 3-month drug-usage history of a potential employee. Such test will be able to weed out heavy drug and alcohol users and abusers in the workplace.

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