Everything You Need to Know About Drug Testing for Defense Contractors 

The Department of Defense requires defense contractors to establish and maintain programs that include drug testing of employees to achieve a drug-free workplace. These regulations apply to all contractors who require access to classified information and whose duties affect health, safety and national security.

Said drug testing programs must include random drug testing and must be consistent with existing local or State laws, if any. Unionized defense contractors with CBAs that did not provide for drug testing are directed by the DoD to make it an issue during the next round or bargaining with the union.

Background Screening & Drug Testing for Defense Contractors

Background checks and pre-employment drug testing – are typically done by DoD contractors on their employees in accordance with drug free workforce policies required of all government contractors.

Background checks help establish and verify personal information that can include the following:

  • Nationwide Criminal with SSN Trace and Alias
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Global Criminal Watch List
  • Federal Criminal
  • Nationwide Wants and Warrants

•Pre-employment drug testing aims to detect long-term or recent drug use by potential employees. The hair test is most suitable for establishing a history of drug use (or the lack of it) for up to 90 days prior to testing. Instant urine drug testing is still the most commonly used method for pre-employment drug screening. Instant urine drug testing kits come in integrated test cups, instant drug testing dip cards, instant drug testing cassettes, or instant drug testing dip strips.

Random drug testing – is required for all defense contractors with safety and security sensitive positions. Urine testing is the most popular testing method. Multi-panel drug tests (at least 12 drugs) are affordable, readily available and are preferred by most employers because they help detect less popular drugs.

Post-incident and reasonable suspicion drug testing - are done on the spot/on-site usually with a saliva drug test. Specimen collection for this method is easy and non-invasive and cheating on this test is practically impossible.

•Post-rehab or Follow-up Testing – are required before an employee who has been found to use illegal drugs can be permitted to hold a sensitive position.


The Department of Defense has some 700,000 contractor employees or 22% of its total workforce. Marijuana and cocaine remain to be the most popular drugs of abuse, across many industries that include Manufacturing, Construction, Energy, Retail, Gaming, Security, Government, Healthcare, Schools and Corrections.



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