Everything You Need to Know About Drug Testing in Agricultural and Farming Operations

Safe food is the way to go!!!

Food is one of the basic needs of men. One of the primary indicators of a country’s thriving economy is the agricultural growth it is currently in. Each family has the right to clean and nutritious food. It affects us in so many ways. Farming on the other hand has evolved through times. From simple plowing to state of the art machines, to processing it has indeed gone complex.

And with the continued advancement in agricultural and farming techniques, it is also but proper that the government take proper measures in ensuring that both the farmers and farm owners are protected against possible problems that may arise. One of the many things to look into is to have a solid discipline on Drug Testing in Agricultural and Farming Operations.

Farming and other agricultural works is not as simple as it seems. It requires spending a lot of working hours, concentration and for some, operating of heavy duty expensive machines. Some tends to animals like in the Dairy farm. A sound mind is therefore needed to be able to function properly. Farm workers who are into drug use, always encounter accidents on their work place. Not to mention their focus is somewhat divided because of drug or alcohol disturbance. It is but proper that farm owners should make pre-employment drug testing or drug test screening a priority to maximize productivity of their farm.

Does Agriculture And Farming Sector Need to Have A Background Check And Drug Testing for Its Workers?

Definitely! Safe food is very important to each and every one of us. That is why; no question, that workplace drug testing or extensive background screening test of laborers is a must for the agriculture and farming sector.

As we all know, the use of drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, synthetic marijuana, bath salts, herbal incense, or any other synthetic drugs is highly capable of impairing an individual’s ability to perform, concentrate, make decisions, work attitude or in other words, the whole personality of an individual is affected.

Thus, operating heavy equipment machinery or vehicle, handling pest control, delivering products, packaging of milled rice, does require a lot from the laborer’s full attention to details concerning his/her work, alertness, efficiency, and minimum tolerance especially when handling pest-control.


What Type Of Drug Testing Should An Agricultural And Farming Sector Perform?

There are many drug testing methods that are being widely used by many agricultural and farming sectors. In fact, most farmers, land owners and farm land laborers prefers to have an on-the-spot drug testing or workplace instant drug testing since drug test laboratories and hospitals are most of the time situated in town areas and far from the farm lands.

Since instant drug testing kits are easy to use and buyable over the counter, most farm land owners perform the drug screening test personally, as health and safety is their number one concern.

1. Urine Drug Test – This is the most common drug test used by many companies worldwide. Simply because it is convenient, cheaper and waiting for the results doesn't take too much time. The test is performed using a urine drug test kit containing the following:

 urine drug test cup

 instant drug testing strips

 instant drug testing cassettes

The advantages of using this method are:

• It comes in handy and can be performed instantly whenever suspicion of drug abuse is present.

 Instant Urine Drug Test Kits can be easily ordered and can be performed by anyone.

• The procedure is non-invasive since urine samples are collected in a Urine drug test Cup.

• It saves time since the result is obtained in an instant.

2. Saliva Drug Test – this is commonly used by law enforcement agencies to determine or eliminate suspicion of drug use in many crime related incidents. It is growing popularly among many companies since its use is mandated by the government.

The advantages of using this method are:

• It is also Non-invasive, handy and it is easy to use.

• Drug Testing Kits are easy to buy and most of the time available.

• Get the result instantly in the convenience of your workplace.

• 94-99% accurate result

3. Hair Drug Tests – this method is the most reliable and thorough of all drug tests. It is ideal for pre-employment drug examination, as it can determine long-term drug use of an individual from months of its last use, followed by an extensive background check.

The advantages of using this method are:

• 100% accurate result.

• Can detect up to 90 days or 3 months of drug use prior the test.

• Almost Impossible to cheat.

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