Alaska Drug Testing Laws

Alaska drug testing laws

The laws surrounding employee drug testing varies from state to state. In Alaska, there are a number of regulations employers must follow in order to implement compliant drug testing policies and procedures.

Covered Employers

All employers are covered should they choose to implement drug testing in the workplace.

Applicant Testing

  • Not restricted
  • Grounds for not hiring: positive results or refusal to get tested

Employee Testing

  • Employees should be given notice at least 30 days in advance, with a written policy statement
  • Authorized testing: random, job-related purpose necessary for business
  • Positive result or refusal may lead to discipline or discharge
  • Separate provisions on testing and discipline for school bus drivers

Conditions & Methods

  • Confidential test results
  • Confirming test in case of a positive result
  • Get results within 5 days
  • Opportunity to explain positive results within 10 days

Alaska Marijuana Laws

Marijuana legislation in Alaska may have implications when it comes to screening employees for cannabis use. For more information, visit Alaska Marijuana Laws.

Laboratory Drug Testing in Alaska

If you are an employer or administrator looking to schedule employee drug testing in Alaska, type in your ZIP code to find the laboratory testing site nearest you: