Instant Urine Drug Test Kits

TestCountry is proud to offer a variety of urine drug test dip cards that can detect anywhere from 1 to 12 drugs of abuse in a simple, easy to use instant test kit. These dip card tests are an affordable alternative to urine test cups and are favored by rehabilitation centers and sober living homes due to their low cost, high accuracy rates & ease of use. 

TestCountry offers several different brands of drug test dip sticks including our very own DrugConfirm Advanced dip cards as well as Alere Toxicology's iScreen Drug Test dip cards. All of our urine drug tests offer instant results in approximately 5 minutes with up to 99% accuracy for results you can trust at the low detection cutoff levels that you need. 

We're also proud to offer CLIA Waived drug test options for those working in hospitals, laboratories and other clinical settings. When you're in need of an affordable, simple, trustworthy instant drug test, look no further than TestCountry's line of urine dip cards.