SalivaConfirm™ Information

This test is unique in that the SalivaConfirm™ oral drug tests are able to screen for up to 14 different drugs of abuse in one mouth swab, providing the most comprehensive method of conducting a drug test within any professional setting.

Benefits of SalivaConfirm™ Oral Drug Tests

SalivaConfirm™ not only has the ability to screen for more drugs of abuse than other oral fluid devices; it also includes a color collection indicator to reduce the possibility of insufficient saliva collection and improve the quality of results.

Where to Buy SalivaConfirm™ Oral Drug Tests

TestCountry is the exclusive provider of SalivaConfirm™ oral drug tests, a popular brand preferred by staffing and recruiting employers, as well as workplace and occupational safety gurus.

If you need to implement saliva drug testing, our collection of SalivaConfirm oral drug tests is sure to deliver what you're looking for:

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