Information About Prescription Drug Testing Kits

With the prevalence of prescription drug abuse, it's important for every industry to remain vigilant and opt for prescription drug testing kits. 

Most prescription drug testing kits are CLIA Waived, FDA Approved, and CE Marked to deliver utmost accuracy in 5 minutes or less. Other prescription drug testing kits like any of TestCountry's hair follicle exams include confirmation testing of results to eliminate any possibility of false drug test results.

Do Prescription Drug Testing Kits Test for Medication?

Before testing employees for drug abuse, it's important to note that some workers have legitimate medical purposes for prescription drug use.

Prescription drug testing kits can detect the use of most prescription drugs, however, it may be necessary to conduct confirmation laboratory testing for an MRO review of prescribed medications.

Where to Buy Prescription Drug Testing Kits

TestCountry offers instant prescription drug testing kits in multiple formats to suit your organizational drug testing needs. Prescription drugs of abuse can be tested in many ways:

If you need to purchase prescription drug testing kits in bulk, TestCountry offers a tremendous selection to help you keep drug abuse at bay:

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