Where to Buy Nicotine Testing Kits

At TestCountry, we're proud to offer a variety of drug tests designed for the sole purpose of detecting nicotine or cotinine (a nicotine metabolite). Our nicotine testing kits are available in many formats:

If you need to screen for nicotine or cotinine, you're sure to find the appropriate nicotine testing kits in our collection:

Does Nicotine Show up on a Drug Test?

With select nicotine testing kits, nicotine is detectable via urine or saliva specimens. Cotinine, a nicotine metabolite, can also be identified through most nicotine testing kits.

How do Employers Test For Nicotine Use?

The nicotine testing kits most preferred by employers and staffing or recruiting experts are nicotine saliva tests, which are non-invasive, affordable, and deliver results within 10 minutes or less. If you are an employer looking to purchase nicotine testing kits in bulk, look no further than TestCountry.

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