Where to Buy NicAlert Nicotine Saliva Tests

TestCountry provides NicAlert saliva cotinine tests, as well as other reliable branded nicotine saliva tests. For the most affordable bulk purchase of NicAlert nicotine saliva tests, with supreme customer service and fast shipping, look no further than TestCountry.

About NicAlert Nicotine Saliva Tests

NicAlert nicotine saliva tests are preferred by research and insurance professionals for the instant detection of nicotine abuse. These nicotine test kits have the ability to screen for cotinine, a nicotine metabolite, in 10 minutes or less. 

Results obtained from NicAlert nicotine saliva tests are accurate and easy-to-read, as each test includes a color-coded table to provide you with a quantitative measurement of the level of nicotine found in a donor's saliva sample. 

NicAlert nicotine saliva tests can also be administered to monitor levels of secondhand smoke exposure in donors, making this a popular option for health research. 

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