About E-Z Split Key Drug Tests

E-Z Split Key Drug Tests are unlike other urine collection cups in that this drug test can be used for confirmation testing in a certified laboratory setting to confirm preliminary test results obtained through the same specimen.

E-Z Split Key drug tests are available in multiple configurations ranging from 3-panel to 12-panel options. These urine test cups are CLIA Waived and FDA Approved to provide you with easy-to-interpret results in 5 minutes or less. 

What is Split Specimen Urine Drug Testing?

Split specimen urine drug testing can only be performed by using drug test kits like our E-Z Split Key Drug Tests.

This unique urine specimen chamber is split in two; one half is used to initiate the instant drug test panel, while the other half preserves a portion of the specimen for later confirmation testing in a lab.

E-Z Split Key Drug Tests must be initiated by rotating the "key" provided, which makes this test ideal for the preservation of urine specimens in the event the test needs to be conducted at a later date.

Where to Buy E-Z Split Key Drug Tests

If you're interested in performing split specimen drug testing, TestCountry offers a variety of E-Z Split Key Drug Test configurations to accommodate your organization's specific needs.