Benefits of Corporate Drug Testing

Corporate drug testing, whether in the form of pre-employment screening or periodic testing, is a powerful risk mitigation tool. By implementing a corporate drug testing policy in your workplace, you'll be less liable for accidents that occur as a result of drug or alcohol abuse.

Types of Corporate Drug Testing Kits

Corporate drug testing can be applied in many ways:

Review your industry-specific requirements to select the most appropriate corporate drug testing method for your organization.

Corporate Drug Testing Features

Corporate drug testing provides many features and benefits based on the type of drug test chosen:

How to Implement a Corporate Drug Testing Policy

Before you implement corporate drug testing, make sure you articulate your policy to job applicants to avoid liability. 

Where to Buy Corporate Drug Testing

TestCountry offers a full selection of corporate drug testing kits. If you're interested in reaping savings and reducing benefits claims and Workers Compensation fees, explore our corporate drug testing collection:

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