What are CLIA Waived Drug Tests?

CLIA waived drug tests are devices approved for a waiver based on the CLIA 7-point criteria system. These tests are cleared by the Federal Food and Drug Administration for home use, as well as those listed in the CLIA regulations. 

CLIA Waived Drug Tests for Clinical Settings 

Behavioral health professionals require CLIA waived drug tests for point of care testing. We offer CLIA Waived and 510(k) FDA Approved urine test cups to meet your drug testing needs:

Our vacuum urine transfer systems are compatible with CLIA Waived drug tests as a combined solution for clinical drug testing. Other advantages of vacuum urine transfer:

Where to Buy CLIA Waived Drug Tests

At TestCountry, we deliver a variety of CLIA Waived drug tests available in multiple panel configurations to suit your drug testing program. Browse our collection of CLIA Waived drug tests:


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