Barbiturates Drug Tests

Barbiturates drug tests can screen any type of specimen for different kinds of barbiturates:

Most barbiturates drug tests yield 99% accurate results in 5 minutes or less.

Benefits of Barbiturates Drug Tests

Barbiturates drug tests can also be administered to monitor patient compliance to medication-assisted therapy within addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers. Other features and benefits of barbiturates drug tests include:

How Accurate are Barbiturates Drug Tests?

Most barbiturates drug tests are accompanied by CLIA Waived certification and FDA Approval for use within virtually any industry. These tests typically meet all standards for drug testing compliance.

Barbiturates Drug Tests Detection Times

The detection window on barbituates drug tests vary depending on the type of test used, as well as metabolic factors:

Positive results from barbiturates drug tests can be delivered to a laboratory for confirmation by a Medical Review Officer.

Where to Buy Barbiturates Drug Tests

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