Why Home Drug Tests for Teens are Needed

Teenage drug abuse is one of the greatest worries a parent may have. Peer pressure and drug use on school grounds is a prevalent and serious concern. Fortunately, home drug tests for teens are able to determine whether or not your teenaged love one is engaging in substance abuse.

Should I Drug Test My Teenager?

When it comes to your child, it's better to be safe than sorry. If you suspect a teenager of drug abuse, our home drug tests will deliver the peace of mind you need as a parent or guardian.

Types of Home Drug Tests for Teens

It's possible to drug screen your teenager at home with the following home drug tests for teens:

Urine Drug Tests

Urine test cups and dip cards like our DrugConfirm OTC 12-Panel Urine Drug Screen can provide instant results in minutes with the simple collection of a urine sample. Other urine tests have the ability to screen for nicotine abuse if you suspect your teenager of smoking.

Hair Follicle Exams

Hair follicle drug tests are able to provide you with a 90-day detection window, which allows you to see if your teen has used drugs 3 months prior to administration of the test. Our HairConfirm Regular Hair Drug Test Kit is popular among concerned guardians. A hair sample is collected and sent to the nearest certified laboratory for irrefutable results. 

Additional Laboratory Tests

If other drugs of abuse are in question, i.e. steroids or kratom, Laboratory Steroid Tests and Kratom Urine Lab Test Kits are applicable. 

Detection Times on Home Drug Tests

Detection times when using home drug tests for teens vary depending on the type of test used:

How to Prevent Teen Drug Use

Home drug tests for teens empower parents to regain their authority. It's important to detect drug abuse in teenagers as early as possible in order to prevent the development of a serious or permanent drug addiction. If you have strong suspicions your teenager may be headed in the wrong direction, you can gain peace by exploring TestCountry's collection of home drug tests for teens: