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How Do Drug Test Kits Work?

Depending on the type of drug test kits you order, the collection and interpretation process may vary.

Urine Drug Tests

Urine drug tests contain integrated panel strips which react to drug metabolites contained in specimens. When drugs are present in the donor's sample, the panel remains blank to indicate a positive result. If colored stripes appear on the strip, this indicates a negative result for the drug test kit.

Oral Fluid Devices

Drug test kits using saliva specimens are interpreted the same way as a urine test cup by referring to the integrated panels. See Urine Drug Tests.

Hair Drug Tests

Hair follicle drug tests require a laboratory analysis. Once you collect a hair sample close to the scalp and send it to the laboratory, a certified technician will screen your hair sample for drugs of abuse. A confidential report will be delivered to you electronically approximately 5 business days after the lab receives the hair sample. Drug test kits using hair follicles are among the most accurate drug screening method.

Alcohol Tests

An alcohol test can be conducted in many formats. Breathalyzers and breath alcohol scans should be operated by a third-party. For breathalyzers, results populate on the digital LCD screen once the donor breathes into the mouthpiece. Breath alcohol scans can be interpreted by referring to the color-coded chart provided with your drug test kits. 

How to Administer Drug Test Kits

Now that you've ordered your drug test kits and drug test supplies, you can refer to our website which provides a wealth of information to help you properly execute your drug testing protocol without hiccups. Explore our collection of drug test kits:

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