Alere Drug Test Information

Alere Toxicology Inc. is a provider of instant drug testing kits and ancillary drug testing supplies. An Alere drug test can be applied within most industry settings, although this type of test is preferred by staffing and recruiting professionals, as well as clinical laboratory technicians.

Benefits of an Alere Drug Test

There are many reasons why professionals prefer to use an Alere drug test over other drug testing brands:

Alere Drug Test Types

An Alere drug test can be purchased in different formats:

How to Read Alere Drug Test Results

It's easy to interpret results obtained through an Alere drug test. Built-in panels that react to specimens containing drug metabolites make an Alere drug test much like any other commonly used drug test.

If the built-in strips remain blank upon contact with a specimen, the Alere drug test indicates a positive result for that drug metabolites, whereas if a colored stripe appears on the test strip, the donor has tested negative for that specific drug.

Where to Buy Alere Drug Tests

At TestCountry, we provide a full range of Alere drug test products, from saliva drug tests to urine test cups, and more. If your organization specifically demands the use of an Alere drug test, TestCountry has you covered. Explore our Alere drug test collection:

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