AlcoScreen Information

AlcoScreen is the manufacturer of instant saliva alcohol test kits. AlcoScreen alcohol tests are very popular for random, post-accident, and pre-employment alcohol screening.

Types of AlcoScreen

AlcoScreen is offered in two configurations:

Benefits of AlcoScreen

Regardless of your industry, AlcoScreen will fulfill the requirements of your alcohol testing policy. AlcoScreen is most commonly used by workplace, staffing, and recruiting professionals. Alcohol testing with AlcoScreen delivers many features and benefits:

AlcoScreen is one of the most sanitary and efficient alcohol detection methods in the market. If alcohol prevention is a priority within your organization, AlcoScreen is an affordable way to help you meet your goals.

Where to Buy AlcoScreen

TestCountry is a proud supplier of AlcoScreen alcohol tests. If you need to order instant alcohol tests in bulk, we offer the best rate on AlcoScreen, with top-notch customer service to match. Explore our AlcoScreen collection today:

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