Can you test for alcohol?

There are many types of alcohol test kits which can detect recent alcohol abuse:

Alcohol testing Methods:

EtG is detectible in the urine for up to 4-days after alcohol consumption, which means that concentrations of it can provide an extended detection window for alcohol consumption.

This is a more reliable biomarker than alcohol itself and is a simple-to-use method which involves an instant urine dip card which uses a chemical reaction to indicate alcohol use through color change.

Alcohol remains in expelled oxygen for between 6-12 hours after consumption, which can be detected using an alcohol breath analyzer, which is one of the most common methods for determining intoxication.

While there are 3 main types of breath analyzers which are fuel cell, infrared and color change - the most accurate and the only one the law allows as admissible evidence is the fuel cell.

The fuel cell analyzer works with the use of 2 electrodes which have a porous acid layer between them which oxidize any alcohol present in a breath sample. This produces an electrical current which passes through a meter, with the higher the current reading the higher the blood alcohol content (BAC). (4)

Since BAC is based on the percentage of blood which contains alcohol, a 0.01 reading means 0.01% of the blood is alcohol.

All states now consider 0.08% to be the standard identification of legal intoxication, although many states have also additional laws, such as 0.04% for drivers of commercial vehicles and increased penalties for higher BACs. (5)

Alcohol saliva testing is done using a test strip which contains certain chemicals which react to alcohol and change color.

This usually happens within 20 seconds of application, and can detect BAC of as little as 0.02.(6)

This makes saliva testing one of the quickest and most cheat-proof methods of testing.

While alcohol usually doesn’t remain in the bloodstream for more than 12 hours or contain biomarker metabolites such as in the urine, blood testing is the most accurate method of testing.

However, it does require a sample to be drawn and analyzed, though it can show a specific amount of alcohol in the blood at the time the sample was drawn. This makes it an excellent method of testing at the scene of accidents since it can give an accurate assessment of the level of intoxication at the time of the accident.


How to test blood alcohol level 

Many alcohol test kits are DOT Approved, so whether you're a vehicle operator looking to guard against employee alcohol abuse, or if you're a law enforcement official screening impaired drivers, instant alcohol test kits are a proper solution.

Where to buy alcohol test kits

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