What's a DOT Drug Test?

DOT drug testing can refer to any drug test method regulated and enforced by the Department of Transportation. A DOT drug test can be issued at any stage of employment, whether for pre-employment screening purposes or for random and post-accident testing.

DOT Drug Testing Regulations

As a logistics company owner or vehicle operator, it is crucial to abide by DOT drug testing laws in order to avoid liability violations and fines.

Before implementing a DOT drug testing program, it's important to select an appropriate drug test which meets industry standards for compliance.

What is the DOT Drug Testing Standard?

The standard for DOT drug testing is subject to change on a per annum basis. Organizations that must follow DOT mandates typically opt for urine drug testing, as well as instant alcohol test kits to ensure employees are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when operating vehicles or heavy, intricate machinery.