Suggested Urine Dip Cards

Urine dip cards are among the most affordable types of substance abuse detection tools available for corporate use.

Most urine dip cards are able to perform the same function as any urine test cup, however, this type of drug test is more commonly used by addiction treatment centers, law enforcement agencies, and within industries where an emphasis is placed on expenses.

What is a 10 panel urine drug test?

A 10 panel urine drug test contains 10 different built-in test panels to screen for any combination of commonly abused substances. 

When these dip cards come into contact with a urine specimen, the panels will react with drug metabolites contained in the donor's sample. If the panel appears blank, the test indicates the presence of that specific drug. Otherwise, if a stripe appears on the panel, the specimen is free of any form of that drug.

Where to buy urine dip cards

At TestCountry, you can browse our 10 panel urine drug test collection, which features many popular dip cards. Configurations range from one panel to 14 panels to fit the needs of your organization.

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