Suggested 10 Panel Urine Test Cups

Urine drug testing is the most traditional form of substance abuse screening. Urine test cups are applicable in almost every industry, and most come with a number of certifications to yield repeatable and reliable results. Some of our cups also have the ability to screen for a number of synthetic substances.

Panel configurations for our urine test cups range from 3 - 16 panels; however, most organizations will opt for a 10 panel urine drug test. 

How do drug test cups work?

Most urine drug test cups will include a series of panels which react to drug metabolites contained in urine specimens. When these built-in panels come into contact with urine, they remain totally blank in the presence of drugs. Panels yield a colored stripe to indicate the absence of a drug.

A 10 panel urine drug test is easy to administer. Simply provide the donor with an unused sterile collection cup and have them provide a sample. Peel off the label 5 minutes after the cup is filled to interpret results. That's it. 

Where to buy urine test cups

At TestCountry, we supply many reliable drug testing brands who manufacture different drug test kits. Explore our 10 panel urine drug test collection:

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