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The drive for a healthier, more positive, and the safer workplace is of high importance to each company or organization. The current health of the workplace tells a lot about the outlook for the company. However, the menace of drug abuse has not caught the attention of most employers. Education on workplace drug testing is not given priority. Therefore cracks and gaps that can endanger the workplace environment still occur.


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Saliva Drug Testing

Saliva drug testing is known as an on-site drug monitoring tool. Its matrix of benefits provides a certain niche where saliva drug testing is more advantageous over the traditional urine drug tests. Saliva drug tests are gaining relevance for employers who seek efficient and current drug monitoring that employs a non-invasive approach and quick results.

The advantages of saliva drug testing over urine analysis are multi-dimensional. First, saliva drug tests are very donor friendly as compared to urine extraction or blood sample monitoring. With a quick dash of the padded sample collector, an employee can be tested quickly and without much of a hassle. Its non-invasive approach minimizes the issue of employee privacy who see drug tests as a question of ethics. Saliva drug testing is pain-free and quick to administer so that employees can go about their business without missing a step.

Consequently, saliva drug testing is much more difficult to adulterate. Employees under the influence of drugs will not have the time to switch urine cups or hide in bathrooms. This is especially useful in random drug testing. As adulteration is prevented, the accuracy of these monitoring tools will increase while preventing employees to take advantage of the cracks of traditional urine drug tests.

Saliva drug testing also has quicker detection rates than urine drug testing or blood sample testing. Analysis of the results can be done on-site without the need for complex lab material. Because of this, saliva drug tests are viewed as something specially designed for quick facilitation of drug monitoring for employees.

The use of saliva as a biological sample in drug testing also gives higher correlation with traditional samples on among certain drugs. There is a higher presence of the parent drug than metabolites in saliva which gives these tests a better reading on the specific type of drug use. In addition, there is a high correlation between the drug found in saliva and the drug found in blood. As a current drug use monitoring tool, saliva has been found to be effective vehicles of cocaine during a cocaine rush.

Saliva drug testing is useful in scenarios where urine drug testing isn’t. Saliva drug testing is proven useful in detecting the drug use of automobile drivers and victims after a road accident. Saliva drug testing can also be used as a quick tool for safety-sensitive position and industries such as construction, manufacturing, and the health service sector. Ultimately, what saliva drug testing tells us is that there is a relationship between current use and the drug’s temporal effects. While it does not necessarily detect drug history like hair follicle testing would, it is a reflexive solution for current drug practices where it is most critical.