Workplace Drug Testing BLOG

The crackdown on illegal substances and drug abuse is getting more difficult and challenging every year. Despite using pre-employment drug testing, drug users just wait until after drug testing to resume their drug use. Some even hide drugs in their offices and sneak out to smoke marijuana or snort cocaine in bathrooms or fire escapes. Keep drugs away from work—read on to discover the seven most common areas where employees hide their drugs.

1. Cigarettes. Marijuana, hash or weed can be hidden in sticks of cigarettes. Tobacco is simply taken out of the cigarette barrel and replaced with weed or hash. This also makes it convenient for drug users to smoke marijuana in fire exits or in bathrooms, during times when there is little traffic in both areas. They usually mask the smell of Marijuana with perfume or deodorizing sprays.

2. Lipstick or makeup kits. Since women’s makeup kits aren’t thoroughly checked, these make good places to hide drugs. Lipstick cases have enough space in them to hide Marijuana, Cocaine or even Ecstasy tablets. Likewise, a makeup kit filled with different items such as eyeshadow, lip gloss, a hairbrush, tissue paper and breath mints make it difficult for security personnel to detect hidden drugs in them.

3. Wallets. It’s rare that wallets are inspected closely and thoroughly since wallets are very personal items and most people respect privacy and personal space. Drug users own wallets with secret or hidden compartments where they can stash drugs like small amounts of weed or Cocaine.

4. Shoes. This is a very popular place where drug users hide drugs. Most illegal substance users hide small bags of Marijuana, Cocaine or even other drugs in tablet form in shoe beds or in their socks. Shoes are rarely inspected in offices or workplaces and make convenient hiding places.

5. Water bottles. The space beneath water bottle caps or lids can be used to stash drugs in small amounts. Other drug users even go as far as creating secret compartments, which can be revealed by twisting water bottle caps.

6. Pant cuffs. The folded strip of cloth inside the cuffs of your pants is a safe place to hide drugs. Some drug users even stitch a special compartment inside pant cuffs to stash their drugs and other paraphernalia such as rolling paper or small pipes.

7. Jewelry. The movie Cruel Intentions revealed a popular place where drug users hide their stash--in jewelry. A simple locket can conceal small amounts of Cocaine and ground-up Ecstasy tablets. Likewise, bracelets can have specially made charms that are hollowed out and can open to reveal secret compartments to stash drugs.

Although drug testing is a great method to keep drug use and abuse away from your staff and office, other drug users still find ways to abuse drugs even at work. Knowing the different places where users hide drugs can help you prevent and put a stop to the harm that drug abuse causes in your workplace.