Workplace Drug Testing BLOG

Instant Technologies, as the name implies, is known as a leading brand when it comes to instant urine and instant saliva drug testing kits. Apart from being an obviously convenient choice for drug testing, it is also considered to provide fast yet reliable results in minutes.

These descriptions of Instant Technologies already say a lot about the advantages that it can deliver. Besides these facts, however, is a list of other pros that prove the worth of this brand's drug testing kits specifically when used in your workplace.

1. It provides a variety of choices for drug testing.

There are two well-known products under the Instant Technologies brand – the iCup and iScreen drug testing kits. These drug testing kits can be used either for urine or saliva testing. Add to that, these products feature a wide range of choices when it comes to drug testing. Among your choices for the iCup are the 3-Panel Urine Drug Test and the 10 A.D. Panel Urine Drug Test. For the iScreen, you will get iScreen OFD 6 Panel Saliva Drug Test and the iScreen 5 Panel Urine Drug Test Kit. With these variations, your employees and you, of course, have the choice as to the drug testing kit that can be used for workplace drug testing.

2. Its drug testing kits are extremely easy to use.

The different products under its main categories explain how convenient it is to use a drug testing kit from Instant Technologies. Take for instance that of the iScreen 8 Panel Drug Test Kit. This one is an all-inclusive product that comes with a dip card that will show results in an instant. All other products from the Instant Technologies brand deliver the same great conveniences that you are looking for in a workplace drug testing kit.

3. The drug testing products are perfect for testing several drugs at once.

Your employees will definitely feel nauseous undergoing different types of drug tests for a variety of drugs. This is no longer a problem with products such as those coming from Instant Technologies. You can always consider the kits depending on the type of drug you want to be tested on your employees. You always have the choice to opt for either the simple 3-panel urine drug test that tests cocaine, THC, and OPI or the more complex 10 A.D. panel that is perfect for employers, pain and detoxification centers and clinics.

4. It is an effective brand for drug testing.

Efficiency is synonymous with competence and effectiveness. Competence-wise, Instant Technologies drug testing products are not left lagging behind their close peers in the market for drug testing kits. Effectiveness wise, the brand carries with it a list of products that are proven to render effective results. Whether you opt for the 3-panel urine drug test or the 6-panel saliva drug test, you will never go wrong with this brand.

Instant Technologies is no doubt one of the drug testing brand of choice that employers would love to use for drug testing in the workplace. Learn more about the different products from the brand and choose the one that will suit your application.