Workplace Drug Testing BLOG

If you own a small business and you want to know how you can promote and maintain a healthy workplace environment for your employees, there are available resources that you can turn to. You can hire HR professionals and lawyers to advise you, and you can read and get tips from professionals who are knowledgeable of your industry.

When it comes to creating or updating your company policy, there is a website that you can turn to for resources and templates. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) has thousands of members in over 140 countries, the largest human resources management association in the world. However, it is not free to non-members. You have to pay an annual fee or a day-pass, depending on your preference. Here are some policies and templates that you can see on the website:
    • Drug–Free Workplace Program Policy
    • Drugs, Alcohol and Contraband Policy
    • Post-Accident Drug Testing Policy
    • Pre-Employment Drug Testing Policy
    • Random Drug Testing Policy
    • Use of Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Whatever type of business you have, no matter the size, it is always good practice to have a company policy that your employees can understand and follow. Drug and alcohol testing is important in any type of industry to ensure that employees maintain a healthy lifestyle and always perform at their best.

Other than company policies and templates, you can also seek the advice of HR professionals about your business. You can also join the HR communities to network with other professionals that may help you with your business.

SHRM is a resource tool that business owners and managers can use to improve their company's legal policies.