Workplace Drug Testing BLOG

As cold as this may sound, business is business in the workplace and having employees who abuse drugs and other illegal substances are hurting the bottom line. This is the reason why most employers implement a form of workplace drug testing program within their premises. Through a drug testing program, employers can prevent any accidents or damages caused by employees who abuse drugs, not to mention improve the productivity of their employees.

How does drug testing contribute to increasing the productivity in the workplace? Here are three ways by which workplace drug testing can improve productivity and prevent incidents that can cause harm in the workplace.

1. Improved attendance. One effect of implementing a drug testing program at work that can be readily observed over time is improved attendance of employees. Employees who are abusing drugs are more likely not to show up at work because they would be too wasted or too preoccupied with taking drugs to go to work. If they do show up for work, they are likely to be late. If employees are constantly absent because of drug abuse, the performance of the company slows down and the bottom line suffers. However, with workplace drug testing, employees will be encouraged to give up using drugs and show up for work for fear of losing their jobs. The employees who are too far gone in their addiction will also be weeded out.

2. Increased performance. Employers can also expect to see improvements when it comes to performance when they implement a workplace drug testing policy. Drug abusers often cannot focus on work and cannot come up with sound decisions when it comes to their tasks. This leads to shoddy performance that affects the company's products and services. However, if employees are clean and free from drugs, they would show better focus and better reflexes. Also, they would have minds that are clear enough to make better judgments in cases when decisions need to be made, especially when these decisions are vital to the company's growth.

3. Reduced accidents. The presence of drugs in a person's system can cloud the mind and slow down reflexes. This can be very dangerous if the person abusing drugs is often tasked to drive vehicles or operate machinery at work. Accidents can happen if the mind of the employee is not clear and the movements are impaired. When accidents happen, there could be damages to property and even to life that the company may have to answer for. Maintaining a drug-free work environment through workplace drug testing certainly eliminates the chances of these accidents happening at work.

In general, workplace drug testing keeps employees on their toes. It discourages them from even touching drugs and illegal substances because doing so can cost them their jobs. It also identifies which employees need assistance in overcoming their addiction. As cold and as totalitarian as it may seem, workplace drug testing is an effective way of keeping employees clean and drug-free.