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No one can argue about the fact that teens are smarter and more in-the-know these days. With the loads of information you get from the Internet, there really is no limit to what they could learn to be able to get what they want or to get out of a compromising situation. Take the number of websites that advertise how to cheat on drug tests, for instance. There are so many of them around that it is not impossible for several drug-abusing teenagers to try these methods.

The following are the most popular ways that teens try to cheat urine drug tests:


Dilution -- adding water to the urine specimen or drinking huge amounts of water before the test

Substitution -- submitting a specimen, not from his or her own, but obtained from a friend or an acquaintance; drug-free urine specimens are also available commercially.

Tampering -- adding a sprinkle of salt or a splash of vinegar, bleach, detergent or drain cleaner to the sample

Needless to say, drug testing experts have also come up with measures to counter these cheating methods. Aside from having someone check the process of sample collection, making all the above methods futile, analysts can detect the presence or absence of certain chemicals in the specimen that would indicate possible sample corruption.


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In addition, other accurate drug testing methods are now readily available. The convenient collection of samples for the oral fluid drug test makes corruption of sample difficult while the very nature of the sample for the hair follicle drug test makes cheating virtually impossible.