Urine Drug Testing BLOG

The greatest weakness of the urine drug test is its vulnerability to adulteration. Cheating techniques have become dangerously easy to access and perform because of the many information people find online. If you go about the Internet to search for techniques to cheat drug tests, you’ll be able to find numerous hits and websites that actually teach you how. There are even products that help you with passing drug tests. To be able to detect possible adulteration in drug tests, examiners need to be aware of these techniques too. Here are the most common adulteration techniques out there:


Excessive Hydration

Drinking heavy doses of water and frequent urinating still remains the most popular method of cheating urine drug tests. Cheaters usually use salt solutions to induce dehydration or flushing agents that augment urine outputs. The theory is that the more water you chug down, the more toxins in the urine you are able to let out. But some testing facilities are able to detect suspicious urine samples by checking the urine's composition.


Household materials may be used to mess up a urine test. A small dose of vinegar, soap detergent, bleach or salt can compromise the urine test by altering its composition and masking the illegal substances. Some chemical cocktails that promise to fool urine tests can be bought over the internet. It is important that before the urine test, that the people undergo a thorough search. Patients are only asked to empty their pockets and are frisked.

Switching Urine

Switching urine is a practice that is known to be the ultimate weakness of urine drug testing since there is no easy way of matching the urine with the user. Cheaters usually bring their foreign urine sample with them to the facility, keeping them as warm as possible. Samples whose temperature is below the average body temperature are deemed suspicious.