Urine Drug Testing BLOG

Amphetamines are considered to be brain stimulants. They basically awake the person’s euphoria, create strength, as well as increased level of alertness and speed by binding to their receptors in the central nervous system. Although they are prescribed by doctors to decrease symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy, they are most commonly abused by teenagers whose age range from 12 to 17 years old for its addictive effects in the body. Amphetamines are not easily bought at pharmacies without doctors’ prescription but they can be smuggled and brought along the streets with its screen name known as “speed.”

Amphetamine works like cocaine except that it is thicker and like cocaine, medication amphetamine can also cause positive drug test. Amphetamine drug testing does not create too much of a hassle for people who are taking it as a treatment for a certain disease, however; teenagers who are abusing the drugs perceives drug testing as a big threat.

This is when dilution becomes so popularly important to drug addicts. Dilution is the process of adding liquid to the specimen in order to obtain negative drug test result.

There are three known ways of diluting urine samples and these are the following.

Drinking Liquid

Drinking liquid such as water is the most natural way of diluting specimen. Before a drug test is administered, the person who recently took amphetamine drinks at least one liter of water. This increases the urine production to 7.5 or 8.5 ml after 30 minutes post-consumption. When a person drinks more and more water, the Creatinine level of the urine would start to tone down in as fast as one hour. When this happens, the gravity of the urine also decreases leading to a negative drug test result for amphetamines.

Diluents Administration

With the availability of the internet, teenagers find it so easy to purchase products to dilute urine samples. Some diluents are taken orally in a form of tablets. Thus, before the day of urine drug testing, a person who has recently abused amphetamine drinks a couple of tablets to reduce the amphetamine metabolites in the body and excrete diluted specimen the next day. In this way, the person passes the drug test. Drinking vitamin B complex after drinking diluents also turns urine sample into its proper color which makes it appear unaltered. There are also some drugs that are administered intravenously to dilute urine samples. Some examples are pamridonate, pancuronium, pantoprazole, penicillin, and pentobarbital. With this route of administration, the medicine goes through the veins the through the blood vessels obliterating the drug metabolites in the body.

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Adding Water to Samples

Most teenagers are so clever enough to directly add water to urine samples in order to lessen its density and dilute drug metabolites before handing the sample to the laboratory. However, test facilities are cleverer than others would think. This usual scheme of teenagers are usually the bases for putting some blue dye in drug testing toilets or the absence of facets in the toilet and the limitation of tap water usage.

How Drug Testing Detects for Diluted Specimen

A diluted specimen is not actually a guarantee that a person is already safe from any liabilities. In truth, showing a dilute specimen, any person may be subject to the further test to justify the result. Sometimes, the drug test comes unannounced to prove precise drug test result in the patient.

When a specimen is diluted, drug system may not be detected in the body, but the truth is drug testing has its own criteria to know when the specimen is diluted. Using the amphetamine test kits, drug testing process for urine samples test for its gravity. When the Creatinine level is low, specifically, less than 20 g/dl and a specific gravity of less than 1.003 and greater than 1.001; it means that something has been added to lessen the drug metabolites in the sample.

This instance, in turn, makes the patient responsible for drug retesting which usually comes without prior notice. Drug testing can also be done using hair and saliva samples. With the amphetamine test kits, parents can administer drug test at home. While the drug testing result is reliable and confidential, there is nothing to worry about altered results.