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Naloxone is a medication known to reverse and block the effect of opioids such as loss of consciousness, drowsiness and shallow breathing. It is popular for emergency use in treating a narcotic overdose. Recently, the rate of naloxone use has been increasing steadily especially in light of more cases of designer drug overdose.

Since the beginning of September 2016, there have been more cases of naloxone rescues just in New Jersey's Cape May, according to a news item. This is in response to the new designer drugs roaming the streets of Cape May, which has already resulted in 10 fatalities.

The new street drug causing the 97 total overdoses for this year is said to be the synthetic opioid U-47700. The fatal opioid usually comes as a mixture of fentanyl and heroin and causes the user to have an altered state of mind. The Drug Enforcement Administration has already banned U-47700 in November this year.

According to reports, Cape May police authorities have been administering naloxone, carrying multiple doses for quick deployment.