Synthetic Drugs BLOG

The illegal drug industry is a sure business that will probably never go bankrupt. Every time authorities and lawmakers regulate or ban specific substances, another variety comes into the market. It’s one business that’s so dynamic and always on the move, even the best researchers and studies could not catch up and simply become insignificant.

Designer drugs are particularly damaging to young users. These drugs mask themselves as some type of legal substances which kids can readily get hold of. Some examples are K-2 and Spice. Although chemical regulation is a positive step towards controlling these substances, they simply do not stop the existence of these drugs. Manufacturers can easily "design" new drugs, adding up to the growing number of designer drugs in the market.

Another example of a designer drug is the now popular 2-CE. This drug can still be obtained legally. It’s both a stimulant and a hallucinogen which unlike other substance takes a longer period of time for it to completely set in one’s system. This allows users to use more than they can take and could die from an overdose. It has already shown its very ugly effects when a teen in Minnesota died when he took more than he can take of 2-CE he legally obtained via the internet.

The concern now is the lack of information that parents and kids have on this drug. Knowledge and information are very important in helping parents and children combat the threats and possible adverse effects that it may have on the family. What people can do is to continue educating and increasing prevention scales accompanied by treatment facilities capable of adapting to the ever-changing scenarios of drug addiction. This may be the only hope so that one day, proliferation and manufacture of these drugs can be put to a complete stop.