Substance Abuse BLOG

Using drugs may not have a visible impact on your life at the start (or so you think). Sooner or later, though, you may find yourself having trouble coping with the habit. As the craving intensifies, so does the body’s dependence on the drug itself. Sometimes this can drive you to do things that you have never even thought of doing. These things are done under the impression that you must have the drug by any means necessary, even if it means you have to steal from a store, mug someone, or even kill someone.

The sad truth of the matter is that this kind of scenario is not an exaggeration. Criminal behavior and drug addiction are closely related since the compulsion for the drug makes the individual forget about norms and proper modes of behavior. All that matters is the immediate satisfaction of their craving, and everything else is put at the periphery. As the number of drugs required to satisfy the perceived need increases, so does the cost of each “fix”.

Most of the time, the expenses can’t be covered by the individual’s meager allowance or salary, so they resort to more extreme methods like stealing, shoplifting and burglary just to have the money to sustain their lifestyle. The more drugs they need, the greater amount of money is required.

Therefore, the probability of an individual to engage in criminal modes of behavior is dependent on his urge to satisfy the craving for the drug, which only intensifies the more times he uses drugs. Here, it is also safe to say that their criminal behavior is generally money-related, and the severity of the crime is also directly proportional to the user’s sense of desperation, which constitutes a great part of their motivation.