Substance Abuse BLOG

Drug addiction is a problem that is faced by a lot of individuals in the United States. There are some drug users who want to find a solution to their problem but just cannot seem to get themselves out of the mess that they are in. On the other hand, there are some drug users who are lucky enough to have family members who care for them so much. They are brought to drug rehabilitation and detoxification centers within the country. If you are trying to battle with drug addiction, there are plenty of rehabilitation centers within the United States where you will find professional assistance when it comes to dealing with your problem. The following are among the largest drug rehabilitation and detox centers in the U.S.

Sunset Malibu – Alcohol Rehabilitation and Drug Treatment Center

Sunset Malibu, which is located in Malibu, California, is a residential alcohol rehabilitation and drug treatment residential center. It comes fully equipped, which is very convenient for easy recuperation. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this center is its 180-degree view of the whitewater oceans of sunny Los Angeles. The facility is considered as one of the country’s exclusive drug rehabilitation centers. It specializes in the treatment of painkiller addiction and substance abuse and in alcohol detoxification. It also treats co-occurring eating disorders and depression.

When you want first-class treatment for the drug addiction problem of a family member, you will get it from Sunset Malibu. This facility is highly recognized as a leading treatment center, where families and problematic individuals can seek solace and cope with drug abuse or alcoholism. The treatment program of this facility utilizes a broad range of conventional and non-conventional methods. What is more, its practitioners are considered the best all throughout the globe.

Hemet Valley Recovery Center – CDRH Licensed

Found in Hemet, California, Hemet Valley Recovery Center is a primary treatment facility for acute care. This makes the center different from most drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment facilities in the United States. It has obtained licenses to operate as a CDRH or Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation Hospital, enabling it to offer acute medical and professional detoxification help. What is more, it is capable of providing special services and rehabilitation programs. Hemet Valley Recovery Center does not only cater to drug users and alcoholics. Its specialty services are catered to patients with chronic pain and to seniors.

The Watershed – Drug Rehabilitation and Detoxification Center

The Watershed is located within the state of Florida. It is a known leader in the field of medical drug detoxification. It also provides excellent treatment for substance abuse and drug rehabilitation. The Watershed is a center for drug and alcohol abuse treatment. Its other areas of specialty include drug addiction treatment, treatment of co-occurring disorders, and dual diagnosis. Its staff is comprised of professionals and highly trained medical doctors, addiction psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, and psychologists. The safe and beautiful environment of The Watershed provides optimum recovery for its inpatients.