Substance Abuse BLOG

While there may be a decrease in alcohol and drug abuse rates in some parts of the country, the problem persists and continues to increase for teenagers in America, and one group is specifically in focus; the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teens or LGBT teens.

According to a study by Dr. Michael P. Marshal of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, compared to drug and alcohol abuse rates for heterosexual teens, LGBT teens are likely to be affected by the problem by almost 190% more than the other group. In some cases, subgroups within the LGBT group even perform worse, like that of the bisexual group which has a 340% more drugs and alcohol abuse prevalence and the lesbian group with almost 400%.

The main culprit why LGBT teens turn to alcohol and drugs is the pressure brought about by the society’s discrimination of their sexual preference. An oppressed group of people usually suffer by not having equal opportunities as others, making them turn to such dangerous vices as drugs and alcohol. This is clearly manifested in the gay youth community and only proves that the problem does exist in their society.

There have been alarming findings of LGBT teens with respect to their involvement in drugs and alcohol. The U.S. Department of Health has previously released a study showing most LGBT teens attempt to commit suicide and that 30% of all successful acts are by gay, lesbian, or bisexual teens. It was also found out that one in every LGBT teen is under severe drugs and alcohol problems.

What these studies are trying to tell people concerned is that there is a continuous growth of drugs and alcohol problems within the youth of America. This problem is much more magnified for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender teens. While it may not be true in all cases (as there are many LGBT teens living happily and healthily), there is still a need for authorities to address such conditions to protect the younger generation.