Substance Abuse BLOG

The Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI), is a tool used to assess if a person is suffering from a certain substance abuse disorder. This assessment is done with the help of questionnaires making the entire evaluation process simpler and more effective. Its simplicity makes it easier for SASSI-related organizations to develop treatment goals customized for the needs of each patient undergoing the process. Here are other facts you must know about SASSI:

# 1 – Substance abuse assessment via the SASSI is available in different versions.

There are actually two versions as listed in the Multi-Health Systems. These two versions are the SASSI-2 which is used for adolescents or patients aged 12-18 years old and SASSI-3, the version for adults or those whose ages are above 18 years old.

Both versions of the SASSI, as noted by SASSI Institute, help assess the probability of substance use on the person undergoing evaluation. They deliver clinical insight on whether or not a patient may acknowledge the existence of problems that may have caused dependence on a certain substance. This can also be used to learn if a patient desires change or not.

#2 – This substance abuse screening may also be availed of in two formats.

The SASSI versions, mentioned above, may be availed by patients in two forms namely the hardscored and software formats. These formats may be ordered by patients or their representatives via an organization that offers SASSI services.

The hardscored format is a paper and pencil test where the patient may assess the answer to each question and put an equivalent score to it according to the manual or user guide that comes with the purchase. This can be sent to the SASSI representative who will plot the scores on your Profile Sheet. The representative will help analyze the plotted scores to know if the patient is indeed having substance abuse problems.

The software format, on the other hand, can be generated from the computer via a purchase or order made from the SASSI provider. This is favored by patients who want to generate immediate results after undergoing the assessment.

#3 – The different versions of the substance abuse screening vary in terms of accuracy.

The accuracy of results pertaining to the SASSI may vary depending on whether an adolescent or adult undergoes the assessment. A publication made via the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism noted that SASSI-2 generates 94% accuracy while SASSI-3 assessments are said to be up to 93% accurate. This was a claim made by SASSI-related organizations though Lazowski, in their study entitled 'Efficacy of the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory-3 (SASSI-3) in Identifying Substance Dependence Disorders in Clinical Settings" published via the Journal of Personality Assessment for Taylor and Francis Online found out that the accuracy of the SASSI-3 can reach as high as 95%.

#4 – SASSI is not as accurate as it claims.

While the statistics provided above says that a SASSI maybe 93% to 94% accurate, there have been questions raised as to the validity of these claims. This led some researchers to make their own studies of the entire procedure. For instance, Feldstein and Miller in their study entitled 'Does subtle screening for substance abuse work? A review of the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI)' which was published in 2007 through the Wiley Online Library had found out a question on SASSI's validity. They have noted that the said assessment does not deliver an advantage over other testing or screening procedures in identifying drug use for patients.

#5 – Fact #4 leads to questionable actions on the part of patients that undergo substance abuse screening through SASSI.

It can be noted from the previous facts that SASSI is a self-report administered through psychological screening. With this, patients may take questionable actions so that they may not be tested positive for substance abuse. Feldstein and Miller have noted that patients may either deny or be dishonest about their real situation. This led them to recommend that SASSI must be enhanced in terms of features for more accurate results.

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